Is this Reiki?

Energy healing and Reiki

No, we do not practice Reiki. Created in Japan in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui, a meditation master, Reiki combines relaxing touch with meditation to bring the patient to well-being. Reiki combines relaxing touch with meditation. The practitioner uses the imposition of hands on specific points and uses symbols during the consultation. Practitioners are trained in stages, validated by obtaining degrees. The 4th degree is that of Master Teacher.

What do energy healing and Reiki have in common?

To work for the well-being of our consultants.

The differences between energy healing and Reiki?

Reiki lets the energy go where it needs to go, while energetics helps guide it.

Reiki and energetics do not use the same resources and are not based on the same theoretical foundations, but their purpose is common and their effects complementary.

Reiki in Mauritius