The Dandelion Effect

Helping for free & in all humility

Doing a favor to someone, whether you know him or not

An achene is a fruit whose single seed is not welded to its envelope. The dandelion flower, once dry, is composed of a group of achenes that the wind can easily carry away. The dispersion of the seeds can reach 30 km and exceptionally 150 km... yes, you read well, this small seed, so fragile in appearance, can travel at the mercy of the wind considerable distances to swarm again.

Each seed that flies away, as small as it is, has its importance. Each seed carries within it a potential of life. Just like achenes, we have the same fabulous power to transmit, whatever the distance. When I was working in France, I wanted to do part of my work as a volunteer. I offered my care to burn victims and to patients undergoing radiotherapy in order to relieve the effects of burns. I did not charge for my work, because it was my work, which took up my time, every day. In return, I asked that each beneficiary of this care make a moral commitment to pay attention, to do a service to a person, known or unknown, in the way he or she wanted. This is how what I called "the dandelion effect" was born.

Acting to help others in all humility, without expecting anything in return. Any act, no matter how small, can have a great importance for the recipient.

To illustrate this, let me tell you a little story. My youngest daughter was going through a difficult period following a tragedy. One morning, she went to take her bus, with a preoccupied mind. At her bus stop, she happened to meet the eyes of a woman who was also waiting. This young woman gave her a big and beautiful smile. Just a way of saying hello, a sign of politeness, but this smile was so bright, frank and sincere that it touched my daughter right in the heart. She called me a few minutes later to tell me about this episode. She had completely changed her mind. That was several years ago, but she still talks about it. The smile she received was infectious, heartwarming and brightened her day at a time when she really needed it. This young woman has no idea of the effect her smile had at that precise moment, yet it was a simple smile, it didn't cost anything, and yet, its value was immense... it warmed my daughter's heart, but also my mother's heart.

I have many stories to tell about the small and big gifts of life. I have had the chance to meet some wonderful people, and the chance to meet new ones. I am very grateful for all of this.

We will be populating our site with free content that we are happy to offer. They are available to you. I would only ask you one thing in return, if you wish: be an achene, feed the dandelion effect.

In advance, thank you all for spreading happiness!

Corinne Cerise

Femme qui soufle un pissenlit