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Corinne Cerise

After almost 10 years of working in weapons, ballistics and forensics to determine the order of shots, the distance of shooting and the understanding of crime scenes, Corinne Cerise made the choice to leave this very interesting and fulfilling (but also very busy) job in order to reorient her professional activity and to have more time to spend with her daughters. She then worked in sales team management, recruitment and sales training before joining the creation of an insurance agency. Well-being and fulfillment at work were already part of her priorities.

This is how she left the Paris region and moved to Nice, in the South of France.

A major health problem and then the survival of a dramatic mass event made her completely revise her priorities and her approach to life. She rediscovered a personal faculty, magnetism, which she had had since childhood but had not exploited because her Cartesian mind was not at ease with this notion. When she arrived in Toulon, she consecutively met several energy therapists and magnetizers who guided her in her journey and her need for understanding. Her meeting with Dr. Luc Bodin, a former general practitioner with a diploma in clinical oncology, energetic therapist and then trainer and lecturer, was decisive. It is following her training with Luc that Corinne dared to launch herself in the care by not limiting herself to her close relations and their circle of acquaintances but by opening her consultation to the greatest number. The word of mouth fulfilled its function and that is how Corinne found herself practicing full time as a magnetizer and energy therapist. Her thirst for understanding and learning still drives her, she never stops learning and experimenting. In order to bring a global accompaniment to her consultants, she adds hypnosis and embodied therapy to her skills. The link and the human being above all. In addition to regular care, she specializes in cancer care and end of life support. Word of mouth has allowed her to practice well beyond her region, going to several other regions of France and even abroad.

At the same time, she is developing unpaid consultations in France for burn victims and people undergoing radiotherapy via what she has called "The Dandelion Effect". The people treated do not pay Corinne Cerise, but she asks them to commit to an altruistic act towards another person, whether this person is a relative or a complete stranger, and she only has to explain to them that mutual aid and solidarity exist, and that they will just have to pass on the "dandelion effect". Once again, the link and the human being above all.

Coming to Mauritius for a vacation, Corinne Cerise immediately fell under the spell of the island's vibrancy and its inhabitants. Solicited for her skills just after her arrival, she took advantage of her stay to prospect and see what she could bring with her care on the spot. Supported by her daughters and relatives in her decision to change her life, she launched herself. It is from our meeting and our appointments that "Akhènes center of energy therapies" is born. She joins the center as a therapist and trainer in order to make us benefit from her skills on our beautiful Mauritian land.

Corinne Cerise Blondeau Energy Therapist in Mauritius