Energy healing through care

Our therapist in action


Physical pain

Through the expression of pain, the body expresses itself. An energetic treatment allows to soothe this pain but it is important to understand the message that the body wanted to send and to go back to the origin of the problem through the therapy.

Sleep disorders

Too much used energy that is not evacuated and unbalanced and harmonized energy can lead to sleep disorders. An energetic treatment helps you to find this balance (see the tab Wellness, cleansing and energetic recharging)

Stress management

Stress is defined as an adaptation of the organism to a life event, experienced as a shock or an aggression. The expression of this stress can be flagrant or more pernicious. An alarm is triggered in the body, which tries to adapt to the situation, leading to physical and/or psychological disorders. A resistance is created, which can lead to exhaustion. Energetic and psycho-energetic treatments allow us to accompany the body to bring it back to balance.

Emotional management

Imagine having a brain that would allow you to master all the annoyances without compromising your well-being. An energetic treatment, an energetic or psycho-energetic therapy and hypnosis will help you to manage your emotions. These tools do not change your current state (i.e. how you feel in the moment), but they deeply modify your way of perceiving these life events. You will be in better control of your emotions instead of being subjected to their imperatives.

Confidence and self-esteem

Often confused, these two concepts are however very different. Self-esteem and self-confidence are essential but one can have self-confidence and yet cruelly lack self-esteem.
Self-esteem is a feeling that we have about ourselves. It is built in our early childhood and develops in connection with the moral values, the recognition, the encouragements and the congratulations that we received.
Self-confidence is translated into action. Knowing and recognizing one's abilities and potential, understanding that one has the resources to undertake and act or to face certain situations.
In the absence of self-esteem, there are areas where self-confidence can be lacking, and even when it is present, the view of oneself can remain very harsh and generate suffering.
The energetic and psycho-energetic care and therapy allow you to connect to your inner resources. Beyond the calming of physical and psychological tensions, the rebalancing and harmonization of your energies will allow you to (re)connect to your inner resources, to show kindness to yourself and to gain confidence. You will have a clearer vision and your mind will naturally find solutions adapted to your situation. A body/mind work in direct link with energy balance and harmonization.

Palliative care

In addition to the medical course of pain management, our therapist accompanies you in a global approach of appeasement, relief and serenity via psycho-energetic care and hypnosis.

Well-being, cleansing & energy recharge

It seems only natural to take care of your personal hygiene, to wash your clothes and to maintain your home. What about energetic hygiene?
Our lifestyle subjects us to the influence of our environment on a daily basis. The quality of the energy around us impacts us.
Uncleaned energy, circulating poorly, is a source of blockages and imbalance with consequences on emotions, sleep quality, malaise, stress and disorders that can become physical with the occurrence of diseases called "diseases of civilization".
During an energetic care, an energetic or psycho-energetic therapy, our therapist always takes care of the energetic cleansing and recharging in order to allow your body to find well-being, vitality, harmony and balance. It is essential to take care of your energetic hygiene from now on.

Pre / post surgery & postpartum care

When a surgical operation is announced, an energetic treatment before the operation allows you to be in good conditions before the act. After the operation (just like after childbirth), an energetic treatment allows you to recover more quickly, the healing time is reduced and the level of pain is significantly reduced.

Grief, Trauma, Phobia, Anxiety & Depression

Each life event is engrammed in our body, creating blockages and disturbances. Certain significant events such as mourning or trauma freeze the body, creating real inner tsunamis. Anguish, anxiety, depression are also the expression of internal conflicts, of disturbances of functioning. With the help of energetic care, energy therapy, psycho-energetics and hypnosis, we will go to the meeting of these blockages and disturbances in order to untie them and bring back in you the movement of life.

Cutting the fire of burns (sunburn, shingles, radiotherapy etc. ...)

The notion of "cutting fire" is broad. It includes all types of burns and inflammations. Sunburn, fire, chemicals, radiotherapy, shingles, but also heartburn, joint inflammation, ligament inflammation, etc...
After the treatment, we notice a soothing, a relief of the pain and an acceleration of the healing process.

Achieving goals and/or preparing for important life events (childbirth, competitions etc...)

When certain life events are particularly important, it is normal to feel apprehensive. To be well prepared is to put a maximum of luck on one's side in order to go through what awaits us. Adding energy care, energy therapy, psycho-energetic therapy and hypnosis to this preparation allows us to face it much more serenely, having acquired tools and personal resources that optimize the capacities already present. A path towards efficiency. This solution is not a miracle course and therefore does not exempt students from revising their courses ;-)

Development of skills, Optimization of potential / sports performance

Our mind can be both our best friend and our worst enemy. Through energetic, psycho-energetic and hypnosis treatments, come and acquire an understanding of your mental map, of your blocking patterns of functioning in order to free and fluidify your energy. Make room for your internal resources and optimize your potential and increase your performance.

Cancer Care

Energetic care, energetic therapy, psycho-energetic therapy and hypnosis allow for a true accompaniment during the treatment of cancer.
During this impacting life event and in addition to your medical course, our therapist provides a real energetic accompaniment and a psychological support so that each patient is in the best dispositions in his care course. The energetic care after the chemotherapy sessions allows the reduction of the side effects of the treatment. After each radiotherapy session, our therapist "cuts the fire" bringing comfort, appeasement, pain relief and accelerated healing.

Reorientation of life path

At a time in life when nothing makes sense anymore, when life seems to be disjointed, it is good to take the time to take stock and return to who we really are. No magic wand, but a journey to meet oneself, a reconnection to oneself, to one's deepest desires, to one's emotions, to one's light by facing one's shadow areas. To become an actor of one's life and no longer an extra. To be the creator of events, to act in order not to undergo anymore. A journey from anxiety and doubt to joy and serenity. An accompaniment to the meeting of the magnificent and creative person that you are with the help of energetic care, energetic therapy, psycho-energetic and hypnosis.