What is energy healing?

Let's go through it

Understanding energy healing

The interest of an energetic treatment during the current period

Since 2020, we are going through a very particular period which has generated a lot of anxiety and stress. The flow of information conveyed by society and the media can affect our well-being and our mental balance, which has a significant impact on our immunity and therefore our physical balance. The repercussions of these events in our lives have been numerous and painful. Stress has an influence on the body and on its natural capacity to protect and regenerate itself. If your energy decreases or is blocked, your immune system is weakened. Conversely, if your energy is fluid and its level is high, your immune system will be in good shape and will perform well.

The human being is a being of link. We are all connected to each other and to our environment via energies. But we also function like radio equipment. Depending on our energetic vibratory frequency, we capture and attract the same frequencies... a low energy attracts events and situations set on the same energetic frequency. Hence the importance of raising your energy level!

An energetic treatment allows a deep rebalancing of the body's energetic structures. What is frozen is untied to release blockages and tensions, whether they are physical and/or psychological. An energetic treatment cleanses you, evacuates used, harmful and damaging energies in order to fill up with new energies, to raise your vibratory frequency and thus work towards your well-being. It is by acting on yourself that you will considerably improve your inner well-being and, by repercussion, your living environment, whether it be family, professional or relational.

If each treatment has the same global approach, its realization is always personalized. A treatment lasts about 1 hour during which several problems are treated simultaneously, in order to bring you balance and harmony.

What is an energetic care, an energetic therapy?

Energy care, magnetism, energy therapy, psycho-energetic therapy. How to find your way through all these terms?

Let's walk together for a little more understanding. Care is the act of doing something for oneself or for others in order to maintain life. Taking care of oneself, taking care of others, in order to work towards their good shape, their good health. We speak of therapy when there is a disorder of the organism, an alteration in the functioning of the body, whether physical or psychological.

Every human being and everything around us is made of energy. To be in good health, our energy must circulate correctly.

In order to make this energy circulate correctly, we put at Akènes Centre de Thérapies Énergétiques (ACTE) different means at your service: magnetism, energetics, psycho-energetics and hypnosis.

Magnetic, energetic and psycho-energetic treatments and therapies allow for an in-depth rebalancing of the body's energy structures. What is frozen is untied in order to release blockages and tensions, whether physical or psychological.

If each session has the same global approach, its progress and the realization of the care is always personalized.

For whom is an energetic treatment, an energetic therapy, a psycho-energetic therapy, a hypnosis session applicable?

How do you know if an energy therapy, psycho-energetic therapy, hypnosis session is right for you? If you are reading these lines, it is because you already have the answer... You feel an interest in the question. Trust yourself.

This can be for yourself, your child or a loved one. It should be noted that the notion of consent is fundamental for us. Each adult consultant must be in agreement with his or her presence there. It is not necessary to "believe" in any effect, and it is not worse. We must stop believing everything we are told, there is nothing better than to experience. The experience will speak for itself.

The accompaniment we offer is part of a wellness approach as well as a support in addition to your medical course with your doctor.

Energy healing in Mauritius

Beyond its idyllic setting on a volcanic land, Mauritius has a superb cultural richness and a formidably welcoming population. The least we can say is that it vibrates well here!

In this unique setting, an energetic treatment, an energetic or psycho-energetic therapy as well as a hypnosis session takes on a very special flavor. You can only enjoy this moment for yourself and its beneficial effects.

Course of a session

Each session begins with a discussion with your therapist. This exchange will allow you to create a link with your therapist and express your expectations. Whatever the type of session (magnetism, energetic, psycho-energetic or hypnosis), you keep your clothes on, only your shoes will be removed.

How to choose your therapist?

It is essential to choose your therapist carefully. Whether it is an energy treatment, energy therapy, psycho-energetics or hypnosis, there must be a real bond of trust between you and your therapist so that you feel understood, supported and free to live your experience in total security. If the process of making an appointment is very easy for some people, for others, the questions and doubts make things less easy. Trust your feelings, do not hesitate to ask your questions. We are here to answer you. Recommendations and word of mouth also work very well.

How many sessions ?

For wellness purposes, a single treatment may be sufficient. A cycle of 3 treatments at a rate of 1 per month may be recommended for a curative approach.

In the context of a therapeutic approach, each problem being personal, it is only on a case by case basis that we can determine the number of sessions necessary.

It is obvious that a person coming for cancer care is treated differently than a person coming to stop smoking or to relieve physical and/or psychological pain. The goal of our work is to help you bring your body back into balance, not to make you dependent on your therapist (nor to finance our pool or our new car).

How long does a treatment/consultation last?

An appointment lasts on average one hour. But again, each case being personal, a treatment can be done in 45 minutes, just as our therapist can take a little more than an hour depending on the situation. It is for this reason that we ask you to be punctual at your appointment and that our therapist keeps 30 minutes available between each appointment so that the next consultant does not have to wait much longer.